If you are already represented by a solicitor but are concerned that they are not providing a satisfactory service or are giving you inadequate or lackluster advice, you are entitled to seek a second opinion or alternative representation.  While changing your solicitor is something that you should not do lightly, if you have lost faith in their representation then you should look to instruct a different firm.

While you are only able to have one firm of solicitors on the court record as your representative at a time, you are able to ask other solicitors for a second opinion on your case. By asking for a second opinion you are not committing to changing your solicitor, but if you are impressed with the advice you receive you may choose to instruct new solicitors.

Your previous solicitor will have all of the papers relating to your case.  If you choose to instruct new solicitors they will contact your previous solicitor on your behalf in order to obtain your file of papers so that you do not have to have a difficult conversation with them should you not wish to.  The transfer process is generally a smooth one, usually entirely amicable and without hard feelings.  The majority of the papers belong to you and your previous solicitor is obliged to release them promptly.  They can however legitimately retain your file if you have an outstanding bill.

If you are interested in discussing your rights and obligations vis- a- vis your lawyer and their accounts please contact Ella L. J. Bernhard